RRC has materials available for a varity of projects and uses.

Greensand is a blend of approximatly 85% sand and 15% bentonite clay, 100% of which will pass the 30 mesh screen.

RRC has at least 50,000 tons/year of greensand available for various projects.

Scrap metals consisting of mixed ferrous scarp as well as mixed aluminums and mixed grades of stainless steel.

Foundry sand used as fill must meet all of the following criteria.

Covered by asphalt, concrete or by other approved materials.

less than 4' thickness, at least 4' above the water table.

Cannot come into contact with groundwater streams lakes or ponds.

Must disclose to potential new owners that foudry sand was used for fill on the property.

Foundry sand used in Ashalt or concrete mixes are considiered inert.

Air set or no bake foundry sand was once bonded by an epoxy that has been broken back down

Typical gradation

99% passing the #30

75% passing the #50

15% passing the #100

1.5% passing the #200