RRC supported MichiganHB 5400 (beneficial reuse bill)               Solid waste association opposed Michigan HB 5400

RRC supports foundry residuals recycling initiatives                    Disposal companys support foundry residuals being classified as  and the inert designation of foundry residuals.                                   special waste.

RRC is owned by foundries and is not profit driven,                      Disposal companies want to get the highest price the             RRCs average profit is less than 1%.                                                    market will allow.

RRC is a member of AFS

Disposal companies do not support AFS

RRC is a member of FAM

Disposal companies do not support FAM

RRC invests in equipment to lower the cost of foundry residuals management.

RRC effectively drove the disposal price for foundry residuals down by as much as 65%

Why choose RRC disposal services?

Recycled foundry sand used as liner cover